5onne – To be me

To be me – a song created in around 10 working days for my solo project 5onne.

The song “To be me” had the working name “extreme” at the beginning, because I found a really nice percussive sound in Omnisphere and startet building around it with a strange hard sound from a Native Instruemnt VSTi. It can still be heard in the background at some points.

Searching my sample database from recorded phrases of movies, i found this speechsample which ends with “to be me”, so that was the turning point in the song. Added a nice bassline and still after two weeks there was not the final beat in it as it is now. Hard times with low beat textures i limited to a bassdrum, a snare and a clap/snare like sound through a long reverb. Til I was satisfeid with the result.
The melodie and the bass were only litle quantizised which makes a human touch feeling to it.

New Song released on Soundcloud:

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