Song Little 15 Club remix

This song is my danceable remix of the Original Martin Gore Little 15 demo, with his unforgetable voice he recorded before it was released on the Depeche Mode album Music for the masses. Inspired by a version of Acid Pauli I see darkness often played in the clubs I used to go.

It was a little bit tricky to rip out the volcals, as I only got the full demo version of the song, not the acapella. I might could have sung this version vor myself, but the spirit Martin brought in this song was so unique and was so much joy to put it in this remix.


Steambeat full song 180 on radio

Played on Bermuda Funk radio from Mannheim on a special Noize of Life show from Operating Tracks. The song starts around 23:00 min. Thanks to Martin der Retronaut for playing.

STEAMBEAT teaser (30 seconds)

I made a small video of the flashing Steambeat letters of the back from the station that will be used for the live show. Black and white video yet. The song snipped you hear is called “180” trying out the vt-4 on vocals. The song actually will be played as the 3rd song.

Upcoming live show with Steambeat

Steambeat Logo

On Thursday 24. October 2019 I will perfom live with Steambeat at the evening before the Noize of Life 2019 (Mannheim, Connexion) festival.
The entry fee will be 15 Euro and can also be accessed with the 4 day festival ticket.
All songs will be performed live with Ableton Live / NI Machine, synths and word vocals.

Details on the webside of the location Connexion Mannheim and tickets.

Follow Steambeat here: Official Website
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Infinity remix finished

A remix competition from Jean-Michel Jarre for two song (Infinity and Robots don`t cry) till 13th december 2018. I managed to finish one remix for the song infinity (saw the other track competition too late, but that would have been the better song I realised).
Anyway you can listen to the remix here

5onne – To be me

To be me – a song created in around 10 working days for my solo project 5onne.

The song “To be me” had the working name “extreme” at the beginning, because I found a really nice percussive sound in Omnisphere and startet building around it with a strange hard sound from a Native Instruemnt VSTi. It can still be heard in the background at some points. Continue reading “5onne – To be me”